McAfee® | Virtual Security Contexts

Cloud-based services and virtual deployments are increasingly replacing traditional physical installations—partly as a result of cost optimization measures. Virtualization enables multiple individual services to run concurrently on a single system. Services and service-specific configurations are run in isolation, as if they were on separate devices. Replicating the use of a single physical next-generation firewall makes perfect sense for both Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) and large enterprises where strict traffic separation is a must. With McAfee® Virtual Security Contexts, we extend our leading next-generation firewall technology to virtualization.

McAfee Virtual Security Contexts can be deployed with a broad range of McAfee appliances, as well as with software installations. These virtual contexts are managed through the centralized McAfee Security Management Center. A single physical device may be used as a master nextgeneration firewall to provide resources for McAfee Virtual Security Contexts.

Routing tables and traffic policies can be defined independently for each virtual instance with a shared operating system. This enables server consolidation, which results in decreased energy consumption, reduced space requirements, and ease of management—all of which contribute to lower total cost of ownership. You can easily and cost effectively implement McAfee Virtual Contexts with the basic license agreement. With 250 McAfee Virtual Contexts per installation, organization can easily scale up as their needs change.

McAfee Virtual Contexts Specifications