McAfee® | Firewall/VPN

McAfee® Firewall/VPN benefits from the many advantages of a built-in rather than a bolt-on pproach to solution architecture. While other security vendors have acquired their functionality over the years, McAfee has built all of its network security functions from the ground up to ensure tight integration, better performance and seamless management. McAfee Firewall/VPN is available as a physical appliance, virtual appliance, or software solution.

Unmatched Availability, Usability, and Serviceability

High availability is at the core of the McAfee Firewall/VPN solution. Active clustering of up to 16 nodes provides great flexibility in situations where processing-intensive security applications, such as deep inspection or VPNs, require more performance. Transparent session failovers and support for running different hardware and software versions in the same cluster provide industry-leading system availability and serviceability without breaks. Through McAfee Multi-Link, high availability is also extended to cover network and IPsec VPN connections.

Powerful Management

Award-winning McAfee Security Management Center is at the core of the McAfee Firewall/VPN solution. In addition to next-generation security and built-in high availability, users also have the ability to easily manage and/or monitor all security devices across their network—whether virtual, physical, hybrid, or from another vendor.

Advanced Anti-Evasion Capabilities

McAfee Firewall/VPN provides the industry’s most advanced anti-evasion capabilities to protect against today’s advanced threats and evasion techniques. It is the only security solution to protect against highly sophisticated and dynamic advanced evasion techniques (AETs).

Upgrade as Your Requirements Change

The McAfee Firewall/VPN allows you maximize your return on investment as it changes based on your needs. The McAfee Firewall/VPN can be upgraded into a next-generation firewall with a simple license upgrade without the need to rip and replace the hardware.

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